Why Publish With Us - Genius Kidz Publications.

Genius Kidz Publications has made a name for itself in the field of publishing. We welcome to proposals from authors in all areas of academic interest, especially textbook in the areas of Academic, Educational, Fiction and Non-fiction. We are always open to new ideas sent to us and treat them to be highly valuable. We strongly believe in being in close contact with all our authors in the field of production, promotion and distribution of their books. Our books are regularly promoted through our distribution network. Publishing with us gives your book a recognized position in the market and a better chance of success.

Our highly experienced team of editors will support and advice you from content development, editing, layout and actual production which ensures a quality end-product. We cultivate and optimize the talents not just of our Authors and Editors, but also of our production, marketing, promotion, distribution and sales people. Here are some of the most apparent advantages that Genius Kidz Publications can offer you as a publisher:

Editor: Our Editor goes through your manuscript and checks each word/sentence thoroughly to avoid redundancy and repetition and brings out a successful book out of your manuscript. While editing the manuscript, the grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and sentence structure, etc. are also taken care of. Our editor is available at every stage to provide any information you want to know.

Business Content - Our writers can produce quality business case studies, interviews and analysis. We can write, design and prepare excellent business content.

DTP - We use Adobe In-design, Illustrator and Photoshop and can create anything from brochures to books.

Marketing support - Genius Kidz Publications has a team of experienced marketing professionals who ensure that your book will reach at every corner of the market and will get a shelf space in each book store it deserves. If you publish your book with us, we take up all these activities saving your time and money.

Accurate pricing - We work with the author to ensure that the book is rightly priced neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Quality value - We believe in best quality. Publishing your book with Genius Kidz Publications means adding the best quality in your book both in terms of content as well as the print quality, which will attract people to buy it more.