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Specifications of The Magic of Maths 6

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-49-0
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • 344


  • Genius Kidz Mathematics book Salient Features

    1. The language used in the books of this series is simple and lucid.

    2. The series aims to engage students in mathematics by providing some real life situations, explanations and exercises to make the concepts more clear.

    3. Variety of problems helps the students to understand the concept clearly from all the angles.

    4. The approach and exercises are totally conforming to the CCE pattern.

    5. Each chapter contains a large number of illustrative examples which are self explanatory.

    6. Learning outcomes are given at the end of each chapter that will help the students to recall and learn the topics studied in the chapter.

    7. Miscellaneous is given at the end of each chapter which checks the stability of mind and level of understanding of the students.

    8. It includes variety of questions related to the chapter, number of objective questions which will help the students to quickly test their knowledge and high order thinking skills questions.

    Four Formative Assessments are given which include activities to clarify concepts and develop thinking skills. Two Summative Assessments are given that will give more practice to the students.