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Specifications of The Magic of Maths 5

Book Details

  • 978-93-83644-48-3
  • English
  • 2018
  • Paper Back
  • 202


  • Genius Kidz Mathematics book Salient Features :
    1. The primary purpose of maths is to engage preprimary to middle classes in mathematical activities that will enhance their conceptual knowledge.
    2. The approach and exercises are totally Confirm to the CCE Pattern.
    3. Attractive illustrations are given that will engage the child's attention.
    4. At the starting of each chapter, Suggestions for the Teacher's are given.
    5. Conceptual Fun activities are given which will consolidate the concepts of mathematics in a fun way.
    6. Four Formative assessments and two summative assessments are given that will give more practice to the students.
    7. Pictorial and written representation of problems is given.
    8. The series aims to engage students in mathematics by providing some real life situations, explanations, solved examples and exercises to ensure that the learner appreciates the applicability of mathematics.
    9. The series includes number of worksheets which emphasize both the development of problem solving skills as also the linking of mathematics to the real world.
    10. A large variety of exercises are included in the in the worksheets to make the practice enjoyable and challenging.
    11. The book is written on the child friendly format.

    We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Santosh Talwar, formerly of St. Xavior's School, Jaipur, for painstakingly going through the entire series and making very valuable guidance for its improvement.